A researcher in Cybersecurity has been warned of the latest and most innovative phishing campaign in the last month who has shared the details of the similar attack that is specifically 7 done to attack the mobile users. This attack is quite a lot similar to the previous campaign and the new phishing attack is based on the sole idea of a malicious web page that mimics in the look and feel of the browser window that could easily trick

the most watchful users into disclosing the login credentials to the hackers or the attackers. A new video shared by the co-founder and CEO of Myki, the password managing software, reveals how the attackers can reproduce the native iOS behaviour along with the browser URL bar and the tab switching animation effects available in Safari in a true and realistic manner. This can trick the users in to pushing them to a web page and present them fake login pages without opening and redirecting the users to a brand new tab.


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