A Dublin man who viewed, downloaded, and distributed child pornography on the dark web has been given a suspended sentence for his crimes. 28-year-old Alex McMillan of Beech Hill Drive, Donnybrook, pleaded guilty to possession and distribution of child pornography between July and August 2014.

McMillan used a dark web marketplace, ‘GigaTribe,’ to download and distribute child porn. The Dublin man was arrested as a result of an investigation into another dark web pedophile. During the investigation of another dark web pedophile, Gardai, (The Police service of the Republic of Ireland), found emails, which had been used in creating different accounts on numerous child pornography websites on the dark web.

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Gardai traced the email and led them straight to the home of the Dublin Man. Officers of Gardai executed a search warrant and confiscated Macmillan’s computer and other electronic equipment. After analyzing the computer, it was revealed to contain 340 videos of child pornography and 48 indecent images, some of which met the most serious category.

The Dublin man was arrested almost four years after the computer analysis. He subsequently confessed to watching, downloading, and distributing dark web child porn and how another pedophile, introduced him to child porn when he was just a kid. He added that he frequently used the dark web to access child porn on numerous sites and had other applications, which helped him avoid law enforcement.

McMillan, also handed over his logins and access codes to officials of Gardai, as part of his cooperation. An additional investigation into that uncovered that a folder on McMillan’s computer had been shared over four times through the GigaTribe site but was unable to confirm was precisely was in that folder.

According to court documents, McMillan had no previous convictions, and was very cooperative with Gardai, after his arrest. Detective O’Connor of Gardai stated that investigations showed that, the Dublin man, never paid any amount in any form to view or download child pornography on the dark web. McMillan had also made no attempts to contact children and was drawn into the illegal act through numerous chat rooms.

Dublin man

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McMillan’s defense attorney, Fiona Murphy SC, told the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court that her client was at low risk of committing the same crime again as he had shown remorse and co-operated in any way possible with the investigations. She added that her client had problems with his sexuality as he felt isolated and depressed and in an attempt to find a coping mechanism for his problems, fell down a rabbit hole and could not get out. The attorney also stated that the Dublin Man in the four years had since seen a counselor and a psychologist, and is doing well not to go back to the illegal act.

Judge Martin Nolan, who presided over McMillan’s hearing, stated that he thought he could deal with the case in a non-custodial way and handed out a three-year sentence, which he suspended in full. He also said that, according to the Court of Criminal Appeal, cases where possession and distribution were present, still considered a non-custodial sentence.

Judge Nolan added that he considered the distribution in McMillan’s case to be at the lower end of seriousness and cited the fact that the Dublin man, had seen his case drag on for a considerable amount of time, due to a lack of Gardai resources.

Gardai, after the hearing, stated that the Dublin man was different from other culprits that are usually investigated in these kinds of cases. Officials added that there was enough reason to believe that McMillan had not accessed child pornography since the start of this case and that he would not do so in the near future.

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