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URL: utessqyro4zhrdip5fz6rbyfzl3qu7ct2ushs7dceauqd6hiu53a5zyd.onion (online)

Mirror Link: gknnzlj42iqsd3jbqkae7ss3o3r4hq5opwd5hxyfa5dtonurhrpinpid.onion

About marketTo The Moon Market is a new and revolutionary way for vendors and customers to find each other on the darknet. It has all the features you’ve come to know and love from the previous markets you’ve visited, the listings in all kinds of various categories such as: Drugs and Chemicals, Fraud, Digital Listings, Services and many more!.

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  • ghost kimbo reviewed 3 weeks ago
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help me referal code

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Inept or corrupt

Not a lot of listings but 1 caught my eye. Paid over enough funds for it but only recieve approx 25% in my wallet . Emailed admin no reply 48 hrs later and it’s not like they’re processing 100’s of sales daily.

$100 is not a huge amount amount to lose but I’m annoyed enough about the lack of responce from the admins to come here and leave a negative review.

Maybe it’s all a mistake , teething problems but right now I think you should stay clear.


Why is this listed in top markets, 2 vendors, 50ish listings ?.

And why as a new market does it want a $400 vendor bond ?



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new adventure
  • misterpilll reviewed 2 weeks ago
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i have give a good look to thise market and i have seen something i have never seen bevore on a other market bevore. vendor en buyer can solf there own dispute and i work good. i hope thise will be a good market and not a exit scam. how it looks now i will give 5 stars only there must come some more vendors to the market.

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Startup, first test buy successful

New Market, gave it a chance, bought some flakes. Received in 2 days, no complaints. Hope some more vendors will start adding their products soon!

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Update to previous Feedback

I’ve been credited ( and withdrew ) the lost BTC.

I’ve no idea what happened, admin is not chatty.

That’s ok to a point but it took nearly 3 days for the first responce which wasn’t positive at all. BUT when I sent the transaction ID and asked them to look for themselves, I then got credited.


I’ve updated my grading to 3/5  coz doesn’t look like a scam but it does need work ( and vendors )

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Looks good, needs more vendors!

Had a look around on the new market, it looks good and everything seems to work fine, added some btc to my wallet, 2nd factor Auth is a nice extra feature! It seems like the only thing seperating this market from the current top Markets is the number of available vendors and listings, hope more established vendors add to the moon to their markets so it can reach its full potential!

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the moon market.png 4 weeks ago
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