El Diablo (Fraud/Drugs Shop)

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Shop Url: 2gimzmr6e5yonvcb.onion (Online)

About: El-Diablo offers the following services: E-gifts cards, bank transfers, credit card top ups, western union money transfers, authentic counterfeit bank notes, hacking services ranging from website hack to account hacks (facebook, instagram, twitter, gmail, yahoomail, icloud, whatsapp) fake and original documents (passports, driver’s license, birth certificates, SSN, IELTs, and Toefl) and drugs (cannabis/pills)

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Excellent Services
  • David horsken reviewed 2 weeks ago
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Good quality. I just got my package delivered. Trusted vendor. 5/5

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best shop

guys, this is the place to go, if you want your product delivered. Vendor and his team are honest.

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Excellent quality passport
  • This vendor sells best  quality passport u have bought from the darkweb
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legit vendor shop
  • Legit vendor shop reviewed 7 days ago
  • last edited 3 days ago

gift card codes works just fine. i got 5 cards from this vendor. . looking forward to trying their bank transfers. i know they can be trusted.

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the service here is great guys, vendor can be trusted. Good response time and delivery period. Customer support is patient and walked me through the few difficulties i had at the start.. only buy from this shop if you need gift cards. the rates are reasonable as well.

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el-diablo.png 2 weeks ago
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