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m5dpljs3yu7dyw5uajko52dtywyt5nrhry4fgzzv7sv4y5jg7afam7ad.onion (Active)

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Description: BitBazaar new dark web market is a new entry to the list of darknet markets that sell Cannabis, Stimulants, Opioids, Benzos, Dissociatives, Psychedelic, Prescription, Digital and Physical. Escrow system is available.

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Nice new Market Place

Today I visited the site using the upstated URL and I got a new best market place . Hopefully the Market is great place for new vendors as vendors can submit there product for free and earn Money.

Lets see how the market goes!

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Yes Bitbazaar Is Great

As mush i have used bitbazaar its one of the new market with best products. Heard they also supports GUNS and other weapons too.

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Zero Vendor Fee! No Bond

I was a Vendor in Dream market…. After shut down of that i am using GREY MARKET and SAMASARA. Just joined Bitbazaar Its interesting! They Don’t have vendor Bond or fee and anyone can join the Market. Even user can buy products with out Login in…

Would recommend all!!!

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Bitbazaar Supporting ARMs?
  • Etienne Philippe reviewed 2 months ago
  • last edited 2 months ago

I see bitbazaar supporting GUNs? after all market stopped …..

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Weapon Removed...

I must respect the admin of BitBazaar for removing weapons from bitbazaar marketplace.

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bitbazaar-logo.png 2 months ago
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