Bloomfield is a website that is made by one of the vendors for the sole purpose of promoting and selling his own products. The website of Bloomfield is a pretty simple one. This is because there are no complexities in the Bloomfield website as there are no captchas or other steps when one follows the link to the Bloomfield website. Instead, one is instantly directed to the homepage of the site.

Bloomfield does provide a necessary step which is the registration of an account. The log in option is for those who have already created an account with Bloomfield and acquire the login credentials. Also, a message is displayed on the home page of Bloomfield stating that due to some payment issues, all the vendors will have to register on the site by contacting the owner of the website. The website bears only 8 listings as of now, of which 7 listings are for cannabis and only one for the psychedelics.

The website of Bloomfield does not look clumsy but rather clean and aids in easy navigation. But due to the lack of any added security measures and very limited range of the products to choose from, it makes the Bloomfield website an inappropriate place to carry on business.

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