How to Access the Dark Web Or Deep Web?

Are you new to the arena of the Dark Web and want to explore the Darknet? Or are you someone who wants to know how to exactly access the Dark Web? If the answer to this is yes, then you have landed in the right place without a doubt. This particular guide will suffice having in depth knowledge of the topics discussed here. Without a strict privacy or any sort of rigid security, accessing the Dark Web Links can be hazardous.

You should not access any of the Dark Web links exposed in the homepage without having proper knowledge on the Dark Web/ Deep Web.

Here is what I covered in this guide.

  • What is Deep Web?
  • What is Dark web?
  • Well Known Security Key Points Before Accessing the Dark Web
  • Step by step process to access the Dark Web
  • How to access the dark web on Android

For your convenience, we are sharing a brief introduction of the Deep Web and the Dark Web.

Deep Web & Dark Web: An Overview

Do you know that the content or the information you surf on the internet is just the 4% of the total internet available? You might wonder what happens to the rest. Well, the remaining 96% of the internet is comprised of the Deep Web and the Dark Web. You can consider the whole situation as the glacier in the ocean for instance. The part of the glacier that is visible can be compared to the surface web (the internet access made available to the common people that is 4%). The surface web comprises of a several search engines like the Google, Bing etc. On the contrary, the remaining portion of the glacier that remains submerged in the ocean can be considered as the Deep Web and the Dark Web (composed of the remaining 96% of the total internet).

Various academic information and other government resources are located in the Deep Web while all sorts of illegal activities like illegal porn, illegal funds transfer and related information along with the TOR encrypted sites as well as hacking information are confined in the Dark Web. Therefore, it can be concluded that the Deep Web and the Dark Web has the private access that a limited amount of people can access that too with rigid security measures. This is because getting your IP tracked or losing your identity are some of the common peril you invite if proper security is not maintained.

How to Maintain Anonymity in the Dark Web/ Deep Web

There are certain pointers that you need to keep in mind before or while accessing the Dark Web Directories anytime. Below are the pointers or the Dos and Don’ts that you need to abide by in order to keep all the security risks at bay:

  • You should not share your identity with anyone while surfing contents on the Dark Web. You must keep your original details private and not use them on the Dark Web.
  • Before accessing the Dark Web Sites Links, you must unplug and close all the external applications or devices like the pen drives, hard disk drives etc.
  • You should always block the webcam and the microphone before accessing the Dark Web. In case you want to stay double protected, you should mask the webcam using a black tape.
  • The most important thing that should be given priority is to buy a premium VPN (Virtual Private Network), install in your desktop and connect it to the TOR browser before you start off surfing. Here we are using the PureVPN because it provides 256 Bit encryption and complete IP address masking increasing your anonymity.
  • You must use TOR browser after disabling the Javascript.

Basic Knowledge of Virtual Private Network (VPN)

We have been talking about the VPN for a really long time and you might just want to know what VPN is. In this segment you will know about VPN.

The Virtual Private Network, commonly known as VPN is a connection method that is meant to provide you the maximum security from the loss of your identity or mask your IP address by making your connection private. One needs to have a strong VPN to:

  • Hide and change the IP Address
  • Encrypt the data transfers
  • Mask the user’s location
  • Access all the blocked websites.

VPN is the top priority thing you must go for if you are about to access any information from the Deep Web or Dark Web. The Dark Web is a huge hub of all sorts of illegal activities and illegal information which are very risky to access without a premium VPN. A premium VPN will offer you a complete security package unlike the free or the limited ones. We recommend you to purchase the premium version of the PureVPN VPN connection as you will be able to enjoy a bundle of features offered to provide maximum security.

How to Access the Dark Web?

Follow the below mentioned steps to access the Dark Web / Deep Web:

  • Remove all the external devices attached to your workstation.
  • Mask the webcam with a black tape and disable the webcam as well as the speakers.
  • Purchase a premium VPN. Here we recommend PureVPN as they provide you a complete package of security services to completely shield you from the risks that you might face.
  • Download the TOR browser bundle from their website and install it in your Desktop/PC.
  • Connect the VPN to the TOR Browser.
  • Launch the TOR Browser and disable the Javascript from the TOR browser.

Active Dark Web Links’ Best Resources

Below are some of the best resources for the active Dark Web Links especially compiled for your convenience:

  • greymtjdnzgc2ok7.onion
  • berlusconifsfwkp.onion
  • 5opwptnuebf4zcpkyfl5pn7cm3icktl4r5appy4zky4cqmedsyzge4yd.onion
  • dreadditevelidot.onion
  • Torum6uvof666pzw.onion

All the above mentioned Deep Web Links are updated and reliable. The links are a mixture of deep web links and clearnet. In case you want to identify the dark web links, you may refer the .onion links in the list.